Student Accommodation

You need to apply for accommodation yourself. Please remember to do it in good time before your arrival. It's a good idea to register as soon as possible at the different housing companies. Queuing time starts to count the day you sign up. For every day you have been registered you will receive one point.  

The Student Accommodation Portal

The Student Accommodation Portal is a collaboration between the municipality of Gävle, Gavlegårdarna, Gefle Student Union and University of Gävle. The Student Accommodation Portal is a website where you will find student accommodation for rent. Private persons can put in an ad when they have available rooms or apartments.

Visit the Student Accommodation Portal at

Student Accommodation at Gavlegårdarna

You can apply for a room in a student residence with your own toilet and shared kitchen, an apartment where you have your own room but share kitchen and bathroom with one or two other students or apply for your own apartment.

Most of the rooms and apartments at Gavlegårdarna are within walking and cycling distance from the University and the city center. There are also several bus routes that can take you to your destination.

Go to to apply for student accommodation.

Student Accommodation at Svenska Studenthus

Svenska Studenthus AB offers newly built student apartments. The apartments are located on campus and have fully equipped kitchens and their own washing machine with dryer.

Go to to apply for student accommodation. 

Student Accommodation at Gävle Studentbostäder

Gävle studentbostäder offers newly built student apartments 200 meters from the University. The apartments have fully equipped kitchens with full size freezers and tiled bathrooms.

Go to to apply for student accommodation.

The Municipality of Gävle Can Help You

If you have trouble finding accommodation on your own, the Municipality of Gävle guarantees students at University of Gävle student accommodation provided they meet certain requirements. To learn more about the requirements please contact the Municipality of Gävle at or 026-17 80 00.

Other Options


Student accommodation in beautiful Ockelbo close to Wij Trädgårdar.
50 km from Gävle.


Accommodation in Sandviken 20 km from Gävle with excellent bus connections.


Accommodation 20 km from Gävle, on the way to Uppsala/Stockholm. Good train and bus connections both ways.

Apartment ads

Landlords and Brokers in Gävle

Here is a list with a large numbers of landlords and brokers in Gävle.

Temporary Accommodation