The Scholarships Committee handles the scholarships annually awarded to students with good grades at the University of Gävle by local companies and organizations.

Scholarships for students during and after studies

The university offers about 60 scholarships to students within the areas of under-graduate education and post-graduate studies. Approximately
700 000 Swedish crowns is awarded annually.

The amounts vary between 5.000 and 25.000 Swedish crowns. You can apply for several scholarships but each scholarship may only be awarded once to the same individual. Both Swedish and foreign students can apply for these scholarships. The scholarships are listed in the Scholarship cataloguePDF (pdf, 481.2 kB).

The scholarships at the University of Gävle are only for our students during and after their studies, not before. These scholarships are a reward for an excellent study achievement, or for a completed thesis.  

These specific scholarships are NOT to be mistaken for the scholarships for tuition fees, handled by the International Office.

The awarding of scholarships is decided by the Scholarship Committee at the university. Only a few students are granted scholarships, nothing on a regular basis. Excellent grades on completed courses are one criteria.

Scholarship catalogue

Information about available scholarships, conditions for these and application deadlines are stated in the HiG scholarship catalogue (for students) (pdf, 230 kB)

Other scholarships and funds

Information about other scholarships, funds and direct government funding is also available at the University of Gävle. These are intended for different groups at the university: students at degree programmes, PhD students and researchers. For information about these funds, contact respective granter.
Apart from the scholarships presented in the HiG scholarship catalogue, there are also other scholarships to apply for. The university library has lists over general scholarships. On the notice board in Rävhallen, you may also find information about occasional scholarships during the application time.


Please note:
You should always receive a confirmation by email upon submitting your application.

If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact the registrar ( as soon as possible!

When you apply for a scholarship that require a completed thesis, the thesis must be less than 12 months old, counting from the last day of applying.

Current Students