Publish your thesis in DiVA

All final theses from study programmes and bachelor's theses and higher from independent courses should be published in DiVA.

Follow these instructions

  1. Write your thesis according to the instructions given by your department. Use the correct title page.
    » Title pages for student theses
  2. Convert your final, approved thesis version to pdf format.
  3. Read the University's terms of agreement for electronic publishing. When you upload your pdf file, you are supposed to have read and agreed to these terms as well as the general publishing conditions in DiVA.
    » Terms of agreement for e-publishingPDF (pdf, 77 kB)
  4. Log in to DiVA using your University account and password. If your account is no longer active contact IT help desk.
    » DiVA loginexternal link, opens in new window
  5. Register your thesis and upload your pdf file according to the following instructions.
    » Instructions for studentsPDF (pdf, 758 kB)

Follow the instructions carefully!

In a few exceptional cases the thesis pdf cannot be published before a certain date due to secrecy or submission to a scientific journal. In these cases, you have to agree with your supervisor on a date (as soon as possible) when the thesis can be published. Register your thesis and upload your pdf file in DiVA as described above, and enter the publishing date you have agreed on. Your thesis file will not become publicly available before this date.

Complete a draft registration

1. Login to the DiVA registration formexternal link, opens in new window
2. Choose "Add publication / Upload files"
3. Click on "My drafts"
4. Select your draft
5. Complete/change data according to the instructions

After your have submitted your thesis

When you have submitted your thesis, it has to be checked by a faculty secretary before it can be published and/or archived. This might take a week or two. For this reason, you will not be able to see your thesis in DiVA immediately after you have submitted it. If you have provided your e-mail address you will receive a confirmation when your paper has been published.

Once your paper is published, you will be able to find it in DiVA, and search tools such as Google.


If you want to make changes after you have submitted your thesis or have questions about publishing/archiving your thesis, contact the faculty secretary responsible for your subject or educational programme:

Faculty of Education and Business Studies (AUE)
Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development (ATM)
Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies (AHA)

If you have general questions about DiVA contact the DiVA administrators at the library:

Phone: Egon Nilsson 026-648940, Karin Meyer Lundén 026-648919