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1. Activate Your Computer Account

Your computer account consists of a username and a password and allows you to access the Student Portal, Blackboard, campus computers and library databases. There are three ways to verify your details when activating your computer account. You can identify via, Edu-id or email. Read more about different methods and instructions on how to activate your computer account below.

  • You can activate your computer account, at the earliest, two weeks before the semester starts.
  • In order to activate your computer account you need to verify your identity. You can choose between the verification methods (, Edu-id or email.
  • We recommend you as an international student to you use to collect your account. Use the temporary personal ID number that you got in your Notification of Selection Results at
    You can also use get access to your account via email, but you still need your personal ID number.
Choose verification method
  • In order to change your password, go to the Student Portal
  • Problems with your computer account? Contact IT-support on
    026-64 88 80 or email