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Doctoral (PhD) student in caring sciences

About the workplace
The vision of University of Gävle is to be the first-hand choice for everyone who wants to make a difference. We offer around 50 degree programs and 350 non-program courses within the fields of humanities, caring and medical sciences, social and natural science, and technology. Going by the number of applicants, the University of Gävle is one of Sweden’s most popular university colleges. We have 16 000 students, 750 employed staff, and a one-site campus situated in beautiful surroundings.

The research area ”Health-promoting worklife” is directed towards different aspects of occupational health, from physical, psychological and social perspectives. In a worklife context, health and health promotion must be given a broad definition. The research in this area must contribute to the knowledge about health-promoting worklife and/or causal explanations of the etiology of work-related ill-health, how it can be prevented and treated. Leadership and the well-being of employees are also included, as well as the possibilities for those living with long-term illness of returning/remaining in the worklife.

The Faculty of Health and occupational studies, Department of Caring sciences, hereby announce an educational position at the doctoral level (240 credits) with a doctoral degree in caring sciences as its final outcome. We welcome your application. Please give the reference number HIG-STÖD 2020/461, Chefers förutsättningar för ett hållbart arbetsliv.

För mer information: http://www.hig.se


Work-related tasks and responsibilities
The person who is accepted for a doctoral educational position will mainly spend their time conducting scientific projects, as well as complete courses equivalent to at least 60 credits. The doctoral student is also expected to write a doctoral thesis, equivalent of 180 credits. The person who is accepted for the doctoral student position may also, to a limited extent, teach and carry out administrative work. This will extend the time frame of the doctoral education with an equivalent amount of time, which may not exceed 20 percent of full-time. The person who is accepted for the position will be expected to carry out the absolute majority of their work in Gävle, and to regularly take part in faculty activities such as seminars and meetings.

Doctoral (PhD) student in Caring sciences, direction Managers conditions for a sustainable worklife (HIG-STÖD 2020/461)
The over-arching aim of the doctoral project is to generate knowledge and understanding of the impact of implementing a leadership model for the sustainable worklife of first-line managers and their employees. The focus of the doctoral project is on following a process of change for first-line healthcare managers and their employees, in order to gain knowledge about whether extent of control and managers conditions are of importance for a health-promoting work environment. The doctoral project will consist of four set studies and these have been given ethical approval. Interviews and questionnaires will be used to collect data regarding work satisfaction, work-related stress, absenteeism and turnover of managers. Some data have already been collected. The main supervisor for the doctoral project is Magnus Lindberg.

The workplace is in Gävle, Faculty of Health and Occupational studies, Department of Caring sciences.

The employment is a doctoral student employment, please see the Higher Education Ordinance SFS 1993:100, chapter 5, for more information.


In order to possess basic eligibility for doctoral-level studies, a person is required to have a second-cycle (advanced level) degree, or to have completed courses consisting of at least 240 credits, of which 60 must be second-cycle level, or to have acquired equivalent knowledge in some other way, in Sweden or in another country. The university may allow exceptions to the requirement of basic eligibility for an individual applicant, if there are special reasons for this.

Other qualifications
The nature of the work requires a well-developed ability to work independently as well as in a team, and good oral and written communication skills in Swedish and English. As a doctoral student, you must possess the will to seek new knowledge and be able to discuss and explain your research to those who are not active in your own field, both nationally and internationally. For the direction of Managers conditions for a sustainable worklife, it is considered a special merit to have a specialist nursing degree. Additionally, it is of special merit to have experience of leadership positions within the healthcare system.

Basis of assessment
The selection of applicants for an educational position is made on the basis of a total assessment of the applicants ability to benefit from the education. The selection procedure is based on the following criteria for assessing the applicants:
• Formal eligibility to be accepted for doctoral education
• Relevance and scope of educational background
• The quality of the application and, where relevant, the quality of the suggested research plan
• The quality of the applicants essays, degree projects or equivalent work
• Research-related work experience, with regards to both quantity and contents, and/or other work experience relevant to the doctoral education
• Competence and direction in relation to the specific educational position
• Ability to benefit from doctoral education, on the basis of submitted documents, interviews and, where relevant, tests and assignments
• Ability to contribute to the scientific environment where the doctoral education will take place
• Assessments collected from references

The fact that an applicant is considered eligible to have their previous education or work experience recognised for the education may not give that applicant an advantage over others in the selection process (HF 7 ch 41 §).


Additional information
The applicant is responsible for submitting a complete application in accordance with this announcement, and for submitting it to the university in time for the application deadline.

For applicants with degrees from a foreign university: Authorised translations of all documentation in Swedish or English must be submitted, unless the documents were originally written in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English.

The University of Gävle is committed to achieving an equal gender distribution and to actively pursue equal opportunities in all parts of its organisation.


Anställningsform: Tidsbegränsad anställning
Omfattning: Heltid
Varaktighet: 6 månader eller längre
Tillträde: Start date to be agreed upon.
Antal platser: 1


Sista ansökningsdag: 2020-10-26

Arbetsgivarens referensnummer: HIG-STÖD 2020/461

Upplysningar lämnas av:

Maria Lindberg
Avdelningschef Vårdvetenskap
Mobiltelefon: 073-689 30 43
E-post: maria.lindberg@hig.se

Lisbeth Porskrog Kristiansen
Mobiltelefon: 073-369 29 42
Telefon: 026-64 85 00 vx
E-post: lisbeth.porskrog.kristiansen@ hig.se

Magnus Lindberg
Telefon: 026-64 85 00 vx
E-post: magnus.lindberg@hig.se

Facklig(a) företrädare
Kia Sundberg-Kimhag
Telefon: 026-64 85 00 vxl
E-post: kia.kimhag@hig.se

Lars Borbos
Fackförbundet ST
Telefon: 026-64 85 00 vxl
E-post: lbs@hig.se

Maria Savela
Telefon: 026-64 85 00 vxl
E-post: maria.savela@hig.se


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