Post Doc in Environmental Engineering

Working place description:
University of Gävle put the human being in the center and develops the knowledge about a sustainable living environment. The research is concentrated to the built environment and health promoting work science. The university offers appr. 50 degree programs and app. 750 courses within humanities, social and natural sciences and technology. The number of students is about 17 000. About 700 people work at the university. Of these, approximately 500 are teachers and researchers and 200 people work in administration.

Two things unite us at University of Gävle: to support and guide our students during their study time and to aim at that the university's research will benefit the community.

Environmental engineering at the University of Gävle is a topic with strong growth. We work primarily with environmental issues related to technological development. Environmental engineering offers two education programs; Environmental Engineer - specialisation in Sanitary Engineering, 180 hp (also available as a Co-op education) and Environmental Strategist, 180 hp. Environmental engineering also offers several courses within several engineering applications. The research is conducted in cooperation other researchers and often with a local presence in the region. The group cooperates with local companies and organizations, as well as with other topics in the research profile Built Environment. The research on methods for environmental assessment has a life-cycle perspective and recurring applications are buildings, waste management, energy systems and transports. There is a growing regional interest for the development of the production and use of renewable fuels such as biodiesel, biogas, hydrogen and electricity.


Working instructions:
We are now looking for a Post Doc focusing on systems analysis of biofuels and electricity for road transport. The work includes studies of transport systems, the supply of raw materials, distribution, and use/demand of energy for transport in a regional context. Issues in behavioral sciences can also be included. In your research, you will develop and apply appropriate methods for environmental systems analysis including emissions, resource use and economy, as well as the stakeholders and factors that affect the development in the field of sustainable transport.

The position is full time starting at the earliest, or by appointment. Workplace is Gävle, Sweden.


The position requires a doctoral degree in a relevant subject. Suitable educational background is in energy and environmental engineering. Proven experience in systems analysis, life cycle assessment (LCA), (e.g. LCA), techno-economic assessment, and renewable Energy and transport fuels is requested. Good ability to express oneself in speech and writing in English is necessary.


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Employment and application:
Form of employment: Temporary employment
Scope: Full-time

Welcome to apply by:
• Send e-mail to the Registrar, University of Gävle,
• Send a letter to: The Registrar, University of Gävle Kungsbäcksvägen 47, S-801 76 Gävle, Sweden

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Anställningsform: Tidsbegränsad anställning
Omfattning: Heltid
Antal platser: 1


Sista ansökningsdag: 2017-08-18

Arbetsgivarens referensnummer: HIG-STÖD 2017/465

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Ola Eriksson

Ulf Larsson
Telefon: 026-64 87 91

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Maria Savela
Telefon: 026-64 85 00 vxl

Kia Sundberg-Kimhag
Telefon: 026-64 85 00 vxl

Lars Borbos
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