Our work for sustainable development

 As early as in July 2004, and as the second higher learning institution in Sweden, the University of Gävle was environmentally certified according to ISO 14004. The certification comprises teaching and research in collaboration with the surrounding community. Therefore, we are at the forefront when it comes to working with sustainable development, and we are immensely proud of this fact!

What is sustainable development?

According to the Higher Education Act, all higher education institutions must promote sustainable development in their activities so that present and future generation will be assured of a healthy and sound environment, economic and social welfare and justice .

As mentioned, sustainable development means that present and future generation will be assured of a healthy and sound environment. Such a development rests on the recognition that "nature is worthy of protection and that our right to modify and exploit nature carries with it a responsibility for wise management of natural resources" (Miljöbalken - The Swedish Environmental Code 1§, Ch. 1).

Sustainable development at the University of Gävle

For us at the University of Gävle, sustainable development means that we invest in the work environment for our members of staff, in the study environment for our students and in long-term perspectives regarding our use of resources. We conduct systematic quality management. In short, our activities are human-centred and develop the understanding of a sustainable living environment.

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