Quality Management at Högskolan i Gävle

The activities at the university and higher education institutions should maintain an internationally high standard.  The quality and the international competitiveness of first-cycle programmes and research and third-cycle programmes and artistic research and development should be improved. As much as possible, the quality management should expand upon the stated and reviewable targets of the higher education institution (extracts from the public service agreements for 2008).

Quality Management

The quality management is based on e g three-year programmes, and the purpose is to establish general quality targets, processes and responsibilities and a joint framework, in which the higher education institution may realise the intentions of the quality management.  The board of the higher education institution makes decisions about the programmes and the Vice-Chancellor, as the quality manager, makes decisions about the quality management together with the quality team (the management group).  The general quality management is coordinated by the quality coordinator.
The intentions of the quality management are

to continuously improve and develop the quality in a systematic and goal-oriented way, through planned activities and a joint process (quality development),

and to ensure and maintain achieved quality of the programmes and adjacent fields of the higher education institution, in a systematic and methodological way and using documented routines, and under continuous revision and follow-up (quality assurance); thereby, sufficient confidence should be given in the fact that the activities fulfil the stated requirements and expectations on quality.

The management and heads of the higher education institution have a responsibility to motivate associates to a quality-promoting working method. Everyone's participation means that both the staff and students at the higher education institution are given the possibility to influence the design of quality targets and the quality management, and know that they are included in the targets stated for the respective area of activity. But participation comes with an obligation and responsibility for everyone to reflect on the own part in the quality management and how to contribute to this

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