Symposium: Nested scales of urban form and green urban infrastructure

Welcome to the third Symposium on Social-Ecological Urbanism: Nested scales of urban form and green urban infrastructure

The role of urban form for making cities more liveable and inclusive and for mitigating climate change has received increased attention in recent years. A prime example of this is the concept of the 15-minute city, referring to a vision of the city where inhabitants can cover their daily needs within a 15-minute radius. Yet, urban processes play out over many nested scales, evoking questions about what the 5-minute, 30-minute, and 60-minute cities might be, and how these different nested scales interact.

Social-ecological urbanism is an emerging discourse on sustainable urban development, with a main focus on how urban form and green urban infrastructure can promote human well-being and resilient cities. The Third Symposium on Social-Ecological Urbanism is a full-day public event featuring invited speakers from all over Europe. This day will illuminate current research frontiers and knowledge gaps related to how urban form and urban green infrastructure at different scales can mitigate climate change, support human well-being and make cities resilient.

Date: December 8 2022
Time: 9.00-16.30
Location: Gävle konserthus, Bo Linde-room

Key Note Speakers

Nora Fagerholm
Arjan van Timmeren
Davide Geneletti

Prof. Nora Fagerholm
University of Turku, Finland

Prof. Arjan van Timmeren
TU Delft, Nederländerna

Prof. Davide Geneletti
University of Trento, Italien





Opening remarks


Nora Fagerholm

Nora Fagerholm
Sensing place-based land-scape values for resilient, sustainable and inclusive urban development


Coffee break

10:50 – 11:10

Harri Aaltonen

Harri Aaltonen
Studying affordances of mobility places using smartphone-based geographically-explicit momentary assessment


Matteo Giusti

Matteo Giusti
Regenerative Solutions. Researching individual, social, and ecological health


Asifa Iqbal

Asifa Iqbal
Safety matters: Building socially sustainable cities for a liveable future


Lei Ma

Lei Ma
Simple Agents—Complex Emergent Path Networks: Agent-Based Modeling of Pedestrian Movement




Arjan van Timmeren

Arjan van Timmeren
The value of wastescapes as nested regenerative (green) infrastructures


Meta Berghauser Pont

Meta Berghauser Pont
The power of planning knowing pedestrian patterns


Åsa Gren

Åsa Gren
Promoting resilient and healthy cities for everyone - Getting down to business


Coffee break


Daniel Andersson

Daniel Andersson
Näringen, one of Europe’s most sustainable districts in 2040


Davide Geneletti

Davide Geneletti
Upscaling nature-based solutions in cities: An urban planning perspective


Moderated panel discussion


Questions and closing remarks


The symposium is free of charge. The number of attendees is limited, first come is first served! Lunch and coffee are included. Please, register in the form below. When registering, please specify if you have dietary requirements. Last day for registration November 29.

The symposium is held in cooperation with

Logga FpX

For questions contact:

Nancy Joy Lim
Programme leader Urban Studio, senior lecturer in Geospatial Information Science

Karl Samuelsson
Programme leader Urban Studio, postdoctoral researcher in sustainability science

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