Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is a newly started project between the University of Gävle and the Gefle Student Union. It aims to assist new exchange* students to get familiar with the city of Gävle, the University and life in Sweden. Participating in the programme provides a helping hand as you settle down and get to know student life.

A buddy is a student at the university that will be one of your main contacts before you get here and once you arrive. A buddy will show you around, help you locating where you live, find your local grocery store etc. Together we will also arrange social activities.

I want a Buddy - Application form (Closed)

Once you have applied via our form you will be matched with a Buddy based on the criteria you have given. Unfortunately we might not be able to match everybody because the number of the exchanges students outnumber the number of buddies, but we will do our best!

For more information about the Buddy Program contact the Gefle Student Union at ordforande@geflestudentkar.se or the International Office at boasic@hig.se.

 * Erasmus+ and Linnaeus-Palme programme.

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