If you're still having problems with your computer account - follow these instructions!

If you are a new student who have just activated your computer account but not managed to get it to work properly (this also applies to students who have re-activated their computer account), you need to have your account manually updated. Read more about how to order an update for your computer account below.

How to order an update

Students who have recently activated their computer account via hig.se/computeraccount but not managed to make it work properly need to have their account manually updated.

Send an email with your name and personal ID number to itsupport@hig.se. Type "Sync problem" into the subject line.

Or, in order for us to handle your errand as quickly as possible, please fill in this form


Before your computer account has been updated

Before your computer account has been manually updated, there are some limitations as to what you can do.

You can

  • log in to Blackboard
  • log in to the Student Portal

You cannot

  • log in to the University computers
  • use the remote desktop (via remote.hig.se)
  • log in to the University wireless network - "HiG" (WIFI)



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