Your Studies

Here we have gathered information related to your studies and your education, what is important and useful to know during your studies.


Registered students at the University of Gävle will find their personal course schedules in the Student Portal. If you are not a registered student, you may find course schedules through our online schedule search service.


The syllabus contains the course objectives and course topics as well as teaching form and grading plan. It also gives information about the number of credits of the course and reading list.

Freestanding Courses

Most courses at the University of Gävle comprise between 7,5 and 30 credits. A course can be freestanding or make a part of a study programme. There are also courses designed as continuing professional development for those already working.

Approved leave and Non-completion

An approved leave from studies is a break in your study programme, for a fixed period, granted by the university. You retain your place on the programme and have guaranteed admission to the following semester.

An application for non-completion is a definite statement about terminating your study program or course/s. Program courses cannot be completed after the discontinuation date.

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