Examinations via Zoom during the pandemi

During the pandemic, we need to reduce the number of face-to-face meeting on campus. Written hall examinations may be replaced with digital solutions with the help of Zoom. This means that a web camera may be required regardless of what course or programme you are taking. Here, you can read more about what the rules are and what kind of equipment you need to participate.

Your examiner decides if your examination will be supervised via Zoom. You will be given more information by your teacher about the specific details regarding your examination.

External camera required during examinations via Zoom

To participate in an examination via Zoom, an external camera that you can place beside your computer is required. Alternatively, you may use the camera on your mobile phone. This is to enable the invigilator to watch you the entire time you are writing the examination to make sure that examination rules are followed.

Preparing for an examination via Zoom

Points to consider before an examination via Zoom:

  • Install Zoom on your computer, or on your mobile phone if you choose to use the camera on your phone. (Only log on to Zoom on your mobile phone in that case.)
  • Change your name to your complete name: first name and second name. (Settings next to your picture)
  • The camera must be placed so that you yourself, your keyboard, and your computer screen are clearly visible at all times. See image below.
Tentamen via webbkamera.

The area inside the green marking must be visible throughout the examination period.

Points to consider during the examination

The following rules apply during the examination:

  • Please ensure your devices have access to a power source during the entire examination
  • Your microphone must be turned off.
  • You are not allowed to disappear out of view without having been in contact with an invigilator first.
  • Only allowed aids may be kept on your desk.
  • Keep your ID handy.
  • For home exams via Zoom, the exam must be submitted when the writing time is over. If the writing time ends at 2pm, your exam must be submitted at 2pm.

Good luck on your online exam!

Some examinations will not be conducted via Zoom

Some face-to-face meeting may need to be conducted on campus in the interest of quality assurance of certain examinations.

Certain rooms or equipment may be needed to carry out the exam.

Written hall examinations may be carried out to increase legal certainty.

During examinations and written hall examinations, the University will follow all rules and regulations issued to limit the spread of the virus.

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