English 31-60 cr. 30 cr

About the Course

In this course, students further develop their ability to express themselves correctly in English, in both the linguistic and literary disciplines. Students are provided with an opportunity to understand the development of American and British literature in an historic perspective, with a focus on the relationship between form and content, the interrelatedness of literary texts, and the complex links between these texts and their historical contexts. The study of literary terminology continues with an introduction to such concepts of literary criticism as “canon”, “Self”, “discourse”, and “historicity”. Moreover, there is a comprehensive overview of central concepts in English linguistics, focusing on syntax, morphology, phonetics and phonology, semantics, sociolinguistics and pragmatics as well as language didactics and language acquisition and an overview of the history of the English language. A deeper focus on syntax is offered, enabling students to cement their knowledge of aspects of English language structure. Students are also introduced to the basic principles of linguistic research methods.



Application information


English 1-30 credits, the student must have, at the least, 22.5 credits of the English 1-30 credits. The module Language Structure 7.5 credits must be included in these 22.5 credits


University credits

The online application at antagning.se opens approximately one month before application deadline.

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Autumn 2019
Distance learning
201936 - 202023
Time of study: Mixed-time
Number of participants: 20
Location: Gävle
0 meetings
Application code: HIG-12511
Language: English
Pace: Half-time

*) The online application at antagning.se opens approximately one month before application deadline.

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