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When you feel ready to take the next step in life and choose to study for a future career, or when you need to deepen and broaden your current expertise, or maybe just want to study for your own benefit, we are here for you.  

Study at campus or distance, full-time or part-time

We have both full-time and part-time programmes, in day-time or in the evening. You can also choose between studying on campus or to study through distance learning.  You can study an entire study programme or choose freestanding courses. In order to be content with your choice and for your registration to be complete, you should read through all information about your future studies and about registration and admission well in advance.

Apply via

Your apply for programmes on the website It is a joint website used by most higher education institutions and universities in Sweden for registration to programmes. It means that you apply for all higher education programmes in one place.  You apply for programmes and courses in the same registration.


Exchange student

If you are an exchange student, please apply through our on-line application system on this page


General questions about admission

University Admissions Service Phone
+46 (0)771-550 720  
Weekdays 09:00-16:00

Contact Form:

Specific questions about your application to the University of Gävle

Admissions Office at the University of Gävle
+46 (0)26-648636

Phone hours
Monday 13.00-15.00 
Tuesday 09.00-10.00
Thursday 09.00-10.00


Postal address:
University of Gävle
Admissions Office
SE-801 76 Gävle

Upload your documents on
or send them to:

University Admissions in Sweden
R 312
106 53 Stockholm

Phone hours for the Admissions Office during Christmas and New Year 2019



December 21-26


December 27

Phone hours 09.00-10.00

December 28-29


December 30

Phone hours 09.00-10.00

December 31-January 1


January 2-3

Phone hours 09.00-10.00

January 4-6


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