Specialist Nursing Programme - Primary Health Care 75 credits

Are you already a registered nurse but wish to go further? Then you can apply for the Specialist Nursing Programme with Specialisation in District Nursing.

Add specialist skills to your nursing education

Upon completion of this specialist programme, you will have the skills needed to work as a specialist nurse in public health and medical care at county or municipality level or within the private sector.

The University of Gävle has extensive experience in educating specialist nurses.

Work in Sweden or abroad

Trained district nurses are highly sought after within the healthcare industry and the prospects of getting

Application deadline March 16!

Specialist Nursing Programme - Primary Health Care 75 credits is an programme with local admission and the application deadline is March 16.

Application information


Special selection


Application *
Autumn 2020
Normal teaching
2020 - 2021
Number of participants: 30
Location: Gävle
Application code: HIG-19315
Language: Swedish
Pace: Full-time

*) The online application at antagning.se opens approximately one month before application deadline.

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