E-books are digital versions of books, which you can read on computers, mobile phones or tablets. You can read and download the books from home, if you log in with your user account first. You don't need a library card to read our e-books.

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Where do I find the e-books?

You can search for e-books in several places. Often, you need to specify that you are looking for e-books.

The Library Catalogue

We have both purchased and free e-books in our catalogue. Search for author, title or subject and limit your search to E-bok.

Discovery - the Library's search service

Search for author, title or subject and limit your search to e-books.

Libris - the National Library Catalogue

Search for author, title or subject and limit your search to Type: e-resource and book.

Search for books in e-book collections

You can also search for the books in their e-book platform, where the books are located.

How do I read the e-books?

You can read them on-line or download them to your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Read e-books on your computer

If you want to download e-books from Dawsonera, Ebsco and Ebook central you need to have the latest version of Adobe Digital Editions (version 4.5 or newer) installed on your computer and an Adobe account.


  1. Create an account at Adobe
  2. Install Adobe Digital Editions and sign in with your Adobe ID
  3. Search for the book, download it and open it in Adobe Digital Editions.
Read e-books on a tablet or smartphone
  1. Download Adobe Reader to your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Create an account at Adobe
  3. If Adobe Reader requires a reading app, you need to download for example Aldiko for Android or Bluefire Reader for iPhone/iPad.
  4. Start Adobe Reader and sign in with your Adobe ID.
  5. Search for the book, download it and open it in your reading app.

More e-book collections

There are also many collections with free e-books, because they are no longer copyrighted or because they have been made available in other ways.

DOAB: Directory of Open Access Books

HathiTrust Digital Library

If you would like to read fiction as e-books, they can be borrowed from most public libraries.


If you have any questions about our e-books, contact the Library by phone 026-64 85 48 or via e-mail biblioteket@hig.se

If you have technical problems, please contact our support system via e-mail support@hig.se

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