Research presentation

Iulian Cananau

Research presentation

Iulian Cananau

Senior lecturer

Research subject: English

Iulian Cananau is a senior lecturer in American literature.






Scholarly articles, refereed

Cananau, I. (2021). Critical Thinking and English Literature in Higher Education : The Theoretical Models and the Swedish Syllabi. Nordic Journal of English Studies, 20 (2), 99-128. External link [More information]
Cananau, I. (2020). On the Path to Citizenship : A Conceptual Historicist Reading of Antebellum Women's Protest Literature. Orbis Litterarum, 75 (1), 1-14. 10.1111/oli.12244 [More information]
Cananau, I. (2017). Putting Context to New Use in Literary Studies : A Conceptual-Historicist Interpretation of Poe's 'Man of the Crowd'. Partial Answers, 15 (2), 241-261. [More information]
Cananau, I. (2006). Representations of Citizenship in Antebellum African American Writing. University of Bucharest Review - A Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies, VIII (3), 104-109. External link [More information]
Cananau, I. (2005). Democratic Taste and Mid-Nineteenth Century American Literature. University of Bucharest Review - A Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies, VII (3), 133-139. External link [More information]


Cananau, I. (2015). Constituting <em>Americanness</em> : A History of the Concept and Its Representations in Antebellum American Literature. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Publishing Group. 280 p. (American Culture 11) 10.3726/978-3-653-05117-9 [More information]
Cananau, I. (2003). A Documentary History of the United States. Pitesti: Agatha. 256 p. External link [More information]

Book chapters

Cananau, I. & Sims, C. (2017). Teaching Literature, Implementing Multicultural Education. Kunskap, motstånd, möjlighet : Humanistisk forskning i dag. Halmstad: Molin & Sorgenfrei. P. 297-316. [More information]
Cananau, I. (2007). On Some Positivities of Americanness. Old/New Worlds : Spaces of Transition. Bucharest: Editura Univers Enciclopedic. P. 65-74. External link [More information]
Cananau, I. (2005). The U.S. Supreme Court’s Cold War Politics of Racial Equality and "Good Citizenship" : Remembering the Decision in <em>Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka</em> (1954). <em>Our America: People, Places, Times</em> : <em>A Collection of Essays</em>. Bucharest: Editura Univers Enciclopedic. P. 211-219. External link [More information]
Cananau, I. (2004). The Idea of Citizenship. <em>Communism, Capitalism and the Politics of Culture</em> : Proceedings of the East-West  American Studies Conference at the Center for North American Studies, June 2003. Frankfurt am Main. P. 180-202. External link [More information]
Cananau, I. (2003). American Political Culture and Its "New War". <em>America in/from Romania</em>. Bucharest: Editura Univers Enciclopedic. P. 108-115. External link [More information]

Conference papers

Cananau, I. (2019). Two Fictionalizations of American Populism : Edward Bellamy’s <em>Looking Backward </em>(1888) and Sinclair Lewis’s <em>It Can’t Happen Here</em> (1935). . [More information]
Cananau, I. (2018). Between <em>Womanhood</em> and <em>Citizenship</em> : A Conceptual-Historicist Approach to Antebellum Women's Literature of Protest. . [More information]
Cananau, I. (2018). "Partialist" and "Universalist" : Figurations of U.S. Exceptionalism in Antebellum Writing. . [More information]
Cananau, I. (2018). Toward a Methodology of Intuitive Critical Thinking in Literature Teaching. . [More information]
Cananau, I. (2017). English-Language Literature Teaching and Democratic (Higher) Education. . [More information]
Cananau, I. (2016). The Conversational Framework, Democratic Education, and Pedagogic Design in the American Literature Survey : A Case Study. . External link [More information]
Cananau, I. (2015). Searching for a <em>point d'appui</em> : Constructions of National Identity in Antebellum American Literature. . [More information]
Cananau, I. (2013). Poe and the New Order of Free Enterprise Capitalism : An Illustration of the Uses of Reinhart Koselleck’s <em>Begriffsgeschichte</em> for Literary Studies. . [More information]
Cananau, I. (2012). Conceptualizing "Americanness". . [More information]

Book reviews

Cananau, I. (2019). Toward a comparatist horizon in conceptual history. Routledge. History of European Ideas. Routledge. P. 117-120. 10.1080/01916599.2018.1493307 [More information]
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