Research at the Faculty

Research at the Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development is in many different disciplines with a strong interdisciplinary collaboration.



Hillström, Lars, senior lecturer
Hultgren, Christina, senior lecturer
Kellner, Eva, senior lecturer
Lönn, Mikael, senior lecturer
Ryrholm, Nils, professor
Wright, Sandra, senior lecturer

Building technology


Akander, Jan, senior lecturer
Bahrami, Alireza, senior lecturer
Eriksson, Bengt, senior lecturer
Norén, Asima, senior lecturer



Björling, Mikael, senior lecturer

Decision, risk and policy analysis


Ahonen-Jonnarth, Ulla, senior lecturer
Bökman, Fredrik, senior lecturer
Hjelmblom, Magnus, senior lecturer
Odelstad, Jan, Professor Emeritus

Doctoral students

Andersson, Hanna

Electrical Engineering


Björsell, Niclas, professor
Chilo, José, senior lecturer
Isaksson, Magnus, professor
Nordlander, Edvard, professor
Reza, Salim, senior lecturer
Rönnow, Daniel, professor

Doctoral students

Andersson, Rabé
Bautista Gonzalez, Oscar
Bemani, Ali
Choudhary, Vipin
Ranjan Panigrahi, Smruti

Geospatial Information Science

Geospatial Information Science is an interdisciplinary research group in which researchers from the academic disciplines applied geodesy, geography, and computer science tackle challenges in society and industry with digital spatial and geographical methods.

Research projects

Spatial Data Innovation (SDI) - 3D Digitalisering inom industrin
Hydro-geodesy: Climate change- and global warming-induced mass change detection
Accuracy assessment in aerial mobile mapping platforms
Monitoring lithospheric motions by Satellite Geodesy


Bagherbandi, Mohammad, professor
Bamzar, Roya, post doctor
Boustedt, Jonas, senior lecturer
Brandt, Anders, senior lecturer
Iqbal, Asifa, senior lecturer
Jiang, Bin, professor
Lim, Nancy Joy, senior lecturer
Ma, Ding, senior lecturer
Milutinovic, Goran, senior lecturer
Nilfouroushan, Faramarz, senior lecturer
Paasch, Jesper, senior lecturer
Sahlin, Eva, senior lecturer
Seipel, Stefan, professor
Ågren, Jonas, senior lecturer
Åhlén, Julia, senior lecturer

Doctoral students

Alfredsson, Anders
Amin, Hadi
Andersson, Malin
Aslani, Mohammad
Chandel, Kuhelee
Jouybari, Arash
Ma, Lei
Ren, Zheng
Samuelsson, Karl

Graduated Doctoral students

Ding Ma (2018), Topological and Scaling Analysis of Geospatial Big Data

Nancy Joy Lim (2018), Modelling, mapping and visualisation of flood inundation uncertainties

Goran Milutinovic (2020), Computational and Visual Tools for Geospatial Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

Industrial Design

Industrial engineering and management

Research projects

Barreiro, Maria, senior lecturer
Bengtsson, Lars, professor
Dominic, Chris, senior lecturer
Hadin, Åsa, senior lecturer
Hilletofth, Per, professor
Lozano, Rodrigo, professor
Löfqvist, Lars, senior lecturer
Niss, Camilla, senior lecturer
Nobuoka, Jakob, senior lecturer
Von Haartman, Robin, senior lecturer
Zhao, Ming, senior lecturer

Doctoral students

Alieva, Jamila
Fobbe, Lea
Li, Haihan
Renkema Singh, Marije
Santos, Felippe Vilaca Loureiro
Temel, Melis


Research projects

Network for large-scale modeling


Asami Johansson, Yukiko, senior lecturer
Attorps, Iiris, professor
Bergvall, Olof, senior lecturer
Björklund, Johan, senior lecturer
Johansson, Anders, senior lecturer
Källström, Rolf, professor
Lang, Lionel, senior lecturer
Radic, Mirko, senior lecturer
Shestopalov, Yury, professor
Wang, Xiaoqin, senior lecturer

Mechanical engineering


Kourosh, Tatar, senior lecturer



Håkan Hugosson, senior lecturer

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