Research at the Faculty

The University of Gävle's profile Health-promoting Working Life has its base in the Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies. In practice this means that research at the faculty gradually develops both within its individual subjects but also in interaction between the subjects with the aim to include different aspects of health-promoting working life.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

  • We try to understand the physiological events in the body that cause strains leading to fatigue and pain. We study working life and what individuals, businesses and society can do to improve occupational health, production and welfare. Our research also relates to methods for measuring and training movement functions, and to individualize and evaluate the results of rehabilitation.
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Public health

Among other factors, our research looks into how mental and physical health is influenced by the labour market situation and conditions at the workplace.

Caring science

Research includes health professionals´ work environment, elderly care and living with chronic ill-health.


  • Research in the psychology group spans many areas of psychology such as cognition, emotions, development and health.
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Social Work

  • The research in social work that we carry out belongs to central topics of the research areas, including abuse/addiction, treatment processes and their outcomes, mental ill-health, aging research, as well as coping and spirituality in social work.
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Research directors

Occupational Health Sciences, Public Health Science
Svend Erik Mathiassen, professor
026-64 82 06
070-678 81 58

Health and Nursing Sciences
Maria Engström, fil dr
026-64 82 15

Psychology, Social Work
Sam Larsson, professor
026-64 82 21

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