Written exams FAQ

Questions about registering for exams

I have not registered for my exam. Can I still take the exam?

If you are going to take your exam at the University of Gävle but have not registered on time, you will only be able to take your exam if there is space in the exam room/hall and if there are enough printed copies of the exam paper available. There are no exceptions from this rule.

This is what you need to do if you turn up to the exam without having registered beforehand:

  1. You need to sign up at the registration list for “non-registered students” outside the exam room/hall before the exam begins.
  2. The exam invigilators will let you know if there is space and enough copies of the exam paper for you to take your exam.
  3. If there is space and enough copies of the exam paper available, you may start your exam 30 minutes after the exam has begun*. If there is no space or enough printed copies of the exam paper, you have to wait to take your exam until the next available exam opportunity.

*There may be students who have registered for the exam but have been delayed for good reasons. They have a right to keep their place for 30 minutes before it is offered to another student.


Questions about forms of identification (ID)

What counts as a valid form of ID?

  • Swedish or international passports* (temporary passports are not considered valid forms of ID)
  • Swedish national ID card
  • Swedish driver’s licence
  • Swedish SIS-marked ID card or ID card produced by a Swedish authority, such as the Swedish tax office (Skatteverket).
  • Residence card (or other proof of your permission to reside in Sweden, to be shown in combination with your passport)

*Non-Swedish citizens can use their passport as proof of identity if it is clear and properly laminated and is written in English, German or French. Finnish and Danish citizens should use their EU passports. Norwegian citizens may use Norwegian passports.


My passport/ID has been stolen – can I still take the exam?

If you have had your form of ID stolen 1-2 weeks before the examination date you may still take the exam if you can produce a police report stating that the theft has been logged with the police, along with your birth certificate.


My ID is no longer valid – can I still take the exam?

Forms of ID that have expired no longer than two months prior to the exam date may be accepted as proof of ID.

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