Research at University of Gävle

The University of Gävle carries out excellent and competitve research to foster a social development that protects the environment we people live in. Therefore, projects which directly target our living environment, for instance sustainable development, health and working environments, are in focus for our University's research efforts.

To realise our vision and meet the expectations of our surrounding society, the University concentrates its research efforts in two research profiles: Built Environment and Health-Promoting Working Life. In addition, research is carried out in educational sciences, the humanities, electronics, mathematics and biology.

Our research targets the challenges society faces today and tomorrow. Through innovative solutions, new thinking and high quality, our research contributes to an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable society. In our University's research environments, the research carried out is leading the development of knowledge and technology forward both nationally and internationally.

Published by: Veronica Liljeroth Page responsible: Hasse Nordlöf Updated: 2019-11-29
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